Fintech Startup Summit

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What We Are About!

Fintech Startup Summit is an annual meeting and networking event designed to bring together leading figures from the Fintech and banking sectors. Our mission is to connect between Fintech startups which specialize in credit card processing, risk management, and CRM management for the financial sector. Our management supports a variety of accelerators and boutique development labs specializing in Python, C-sharp, PHP, Angular, Blockchain and Java Script.

We have also recruited algorithm developers who are working on developing a unique screening mechanism which identifies potential fraud which is also associated with negative web or social media presence. This is particularly relevant where Bitcoin or other virtual currencies are concerned. Initial research and development consisted of focusing on various CFD schemes such as Bitcoin Prime as well as other similar fraudulent systems.

A growing list of clients from the banking and investment sector are asking for a comprehensive assets or background brief in relation to digital assets such as websites, apps, or even personnel. The teams which are exhibiting their solutions offer groundbreaking solutions which are also in line with local regulation in Canada as well as other locations across the globe.

If you are a Fintech professional looking to drum up business or seeking a tailor-made technological solution, then Fintech Startup Summit is the venue for you.

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